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The origin of Care Force

Care Force focuses on medical professionals, dentists and nurses. Taking your career to the next level in a foreign country is a big step. That’s when you need a dedicated team who can guide you smoothly through all the procedures and help you to quickly find your way in another country.

The power behind Care Force

In 2002, founder and director Jasper Willems met a South African doctor who wanted to work abroad. At that time, there was a big shortage of talented doctors in the Netherlands. Jasper saw an opportunity and decided to set up Care Force. It turned out to be a golden move.

More than mediation

In recent years, our focus has shifted to candidates from Europe. Language has always been an important part of the search for good candidates, but the requirements have become increasingly strict. As of 1 January 2017, proof of language proficiency at B2+ level is mandatory in order to be included in the Dutch BIG register as a foreign medical professional. Care Force has therefore invested in setting up our own language training, which is offered through the Care Force Language Academy.

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Proven success

Care Force knows everything about the medical world. Our specialists know what clients are looking for in candidates, and vice versa. And what is needed for a smooth immigration process. A proven track record since 2002: Care Force has already helped more than 1,000 medical professionals and dentists from across Europe to a new future. Read here the success stories of our candidates.

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