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Romanian , Doctor

Roxana is a 29-year-old charming Romanian doctor. She is currently pursuing a master's degree in health care. She is also working on her specialization in anesthesia. Roxana has experienced that her heart is not in this field. She would like to work in the Netherlands in a field where she is often in contact with people and has sufficient time for the patient. She is not aware of the position of insurance doctor in Romania, which she read on the UWV website really appeals to her. Being able to combine medicine with learning something completely new really appeals to her. Roxana would like to follow the training to become an insurance doctor.


Candidate ID: K242875
  • Professional
  • Driven
  • Purposefully

Roxana has a Dutch partner

Roxana likes to do this
Reading, painting, hiking in the mountains and listening to music

Roxana speaks 
Romanian, English, French and the basics of the German and Dutch language

Good to know 
Roxana started 15-2 with the online A0-A1 language course from Care Force