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Lithuanian, Dermatologist

This 30-year-old Lithuanian is looking for a permanent position in the Netherlands. She is fully familiar and all-round with classical dermatology. In addition, she currently also works in aesthetic dermatology. She is familiar with laser treatments, minor surgery and skin grafting. She is currently working in a dermatology clinic in Lithuania.


Candidate ID: K223125
  • Very driven
  • Sporty
  • Does judo and jiujitsu

In person
Sanco wants to emigrate to the Netherlands. Her husband has already been offered a job in the Netherlands. As soon as both can go to work, they will emigrate together.

Sanco is happy to do this
Sanco loves judo, jiujitsum, pilates and fitness. She also likes to read.

Sanco speaks
In addition to her native Lithuanian language, she also speaks fluent English and the basis of the French language.

Good to know
Sanco studied medicine in Lithuania and received her recognition in 2013. Since 2017 she can call herself a dermatologist.