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Laura - Arboarts from Romania

'The guildance from team Care Force was really good'

Laura Arboarts

Care Force

“Last year I ended up at Care Force, in the beginning I was very hesitant to make the move to the Netherlands, but after the nice conversation and the good information I received from Lisa, I knew for sure; “I have to do this”. I have not regretted it to this day. Because Lisa spoke Romanian, it felt good for me, and communication was easy. Before I started talking to Care Force, I was actually looking for a position in Germany. Lisa told me about how things were going in the Netherlands and that aroused my interest. After a conversation with Hans, the advantages in the Netherlands became even clearer and I was offered a position, that of Arboarts.

Care Force and the Care Force Language Academy

First of all, I would like to give ten points to Morries from the Language Academy. He taught me Dutch really well. I found his lessons very fun and educational. As far as I'm concerned, it could also have been online, but I can imagine that there are many people who find personal physical lessons important. The advantage is that I got to know other people in the lessons in this way. I found the support of team Care Force very good, the information I received from Lisa and Hans was really what I needed and they were there for me if I needed help. Maaike also played a part in this, she assisted me nicely and I am grateful for this.


Before I started my work as an arboarts, I didn't know how interesting it would be. I thought I would be working on location for several companies and I was a little worried that this kind of work could be a bit monotonous. Now that I work as an arboarts, I can say that this work is really interesting. I have patients who have very different diagnoses, so I come across a very broad spectrum of diseases. I find it very exciting because every day at work is different.

When I started working here, I was assigned patients fairly quickly. The Dutch patients are friendly and I can communicate well with them. Sometimes, as a arboarts, I have to guide a patient longer in his disease process. As a result, I develop a kind of bond with the patients. I find that very pleasant and it gives me a lot of motivation. My colleagues are warm and friendly. I find it not only pleasant, but also practical because it allows us to communicate faster and better. I am very happy with my choice to come and work as a arboarts in the Netherlands.”


Laura feels uncomfortable publicating her picture online, to respect her privacy we didn't add her picture. 

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