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Working as a pharmacist in the Netherlands or Belgium

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A better life in the Netherlands or Belgium

Do you dream of a successful career as a pharmacist abroad? Are you ready to have more spare time and better earnings? Are you ready for a new step in your career? At Care Force we believe in you. We believe in a better life in the Netherlands or Belgium for you as a pharmacist. A career in a leading healthcare system and your dream for a better life for yourself and your children is within reach thanks to Care Force. Since 2002, Care Force has helped more than 1,000 medical professionals and dentists from all over Europe to a new future. Together we will search for your dream job as a pharmacist in the Netherlands or Belgium! Click here to see all open vacancies.

Pharmacist vacancies

  • Pharmacist Belgium

    Several modern pharmacies in different areas in the eastern region of Belgium are looking for a pharmacist. Are you the perfect match?

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About Care Force

In the Netherlands and Belgium there is a shortage of pharmacists. We are looking for qualified medical professionals. Care Force believes in helping to solve healthcare shortages and we need you for that! As a pharmacist in the Netherlands or Belgium you earn a good salary. Taking your career to the next level abroad is a big step and can be exciting. At Care Force we understand that better than anyone. You have to give up a lot for a future in the Netherlands or Belgium. Fortunately, you can count on us throughout the process. This way you can fully focus on your career; practicing your profession as a pharmacist.


How do you find a job as a pharmacist?

Care Force does not only act as a mediator between a jobseeker and an employer. We take care of the entire relocation process, from the first meeting to your first working day. We also arrange all documents and arrange all bureaucratic formalities. We arrange everything from A to Z. We go through the application procedure together, organize the administrative and organizational matters and guide you during the language training and process of finding a new home. This is how Care Force ensures that you feel at home in the Netherlands or Belgium! 

Why choose us?

Together we go through the application procedure, we organize the administrative and organizational matters. Care Force guides you step by step through the entire process, from the first phone call to the last personal check to ensure you are happy with your new job. Join us now and get in touch by sending your resume and scheduling an interview. Then you can follow our language course. From home, with our 8 week online language training. Are you curious what Care Force can do for you or would you like to receive more information?

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