Medical doctor in insurance medicine

Medical doctor in insurance medicine

Medical doctor | The Netherlands, several locations


If you are someone who is socially involved and looking for a challenging opportunity to further develop yourself through internal training, we have an excellent job opportunity for you! We understand that maintaining a healthy work-life balance is crucial, and we are committed to ensuring our employees have adequate time for their private lives. This could be your chance to join a supportive team that values both personal and professional growth. Don't hesitate to apply for this exciting position today!

What are you going to do?

Your work consist of advising people to see what their possibilities are in the field of work. And if work is not possible, you offer them the security of an income through benefits. You carefully assess how taxable people are and what their capacity for work is, so you are not a practitioner.  You will have to deal with the entire width and depth of the medical profession. All syndromes and prognoses are reviewed. You not only assess medical, but also involve the social context. Based on your history and the social security regulations, you prepare an advice or decision. You do what is right and what justifies spending premiums. Thanks to your expertise, someone will be able to continue later. You learn to motivate your decision clearly. You will contribute to the development of medical knowledge in the field of work and health.


Vacancy NR: CAR08565, CAR08528, CAR06996
  • Social skills
  • Advising skills
  • All-round

Medical doctor in insurance medicine

This is you

  • You have completed your medical studies
  • You are willing to get a BIG registration (CareForce helps you with that)
  • You are willing to do a specialization for insurance doctor
  • You have excellent communication skills
  • You are a team player, but you do not step aside for your own responsibility
  • You are willing to learn Dutch up to the B2+ level (via our Care Force Language academy)

Reasons for choosing this job

  • The salary for this position is a maximum of  €6.619,59 gross per month, based on a full-time workweek of 38 hours.
  • The costs for the Dutch language course (up to B2+ level) will be covered through a training agreement after signing your contract
  • 30% tax benefit for a period of 5 years
  • 8% holiday allowance
  • 5 weeks of paid holiday
  • Get an inhouse training to become an insurance doctor
  • Great work-life balance (working during office hours)

Candidates who choose Care Force

  • Dream to live and work in another country
  • Have an EU/EEA nationality
  • Hold an EU/EEA medical or a specialist diploma
  • Master English (or French) in a full professional proficiency level
  • Are willing to learn Dutch through an exclusive Language Academy
  • Are willing to immigrate to the Netherlands or Belgium in a near future

Apply via Care Force and

  • Find your dream job abroad
  • Get guidance during the whole application process
  • Learn Dutch through a method focused on language learning for high skilled healthcare professionals
  • Have certainty of a worry-free process
  • Get help finding your future home
  • All documents and bureaucratic formalities such as diploma recognition, banking, insurance, registrations, etc., will be taken care of


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Medical doctor in insurance medicine
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Medical doctor in insurance medicine
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