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  • Jasper

    Managing Director/Owner

    Jasper is the founder and driving force behind Care Force. Since 2002. His drive, people-oriented approach and international work experience come in handy as an entrepreneur. He is still in regular contact with clients and candidates. A good match between client and candidate is what we aim for at Care Force.

    Where does Jasper get energy from?
    "Making organizations that are not yet familiar with Care Force enthusiastic about our services and working method. We really do things differently and we are proud of that. Our candidates are also happy with our services. I recently saw a candidate at work with a smile from ear to ear, that's what we do it for!”

  • Hans

    Senior Account Manager Medical

    After years of working and travelling, Hans joined Care Force in 2008. Hans is the first contact for all doctors, medical specialists and nurses. His passion: connecting people and helping professionals to find their dream job. Hans inspires his team with his commitment, enthusiasm and sense of humour.

    What does Hans enjoy doing best?
    “The intake and job interviews with candidates and clients. It is satisfying to help people reach their full potential and make the right match."

  • Gerwin

    Accountmanager Dentistry

    Gerwin Eefting is a driven professional who finds his passion in matching the right candidate with the right client. Since starting as an account manager at Care Force in 2023, he has been committed to providing high-quality services by finding perfect matches between dentists and practices.

    Where does Gerwin get energy from?

    Gerwin gets energy from conversations with clients. For him it is not just a task, but rather a source of inspiration and motivation to understand the needs of the clients and then find the perfect candidate to meet those needs. He believes in the power of a good match, where both the candidate and the client can optimally benefit from each other's skills and expertise.

  • Lisa

    Senior International Recruiter

    Lisa is from Romania, but has already seen a lot of the world. She has lived in Germany and Spain, among other places. She has been living in the Netherlands since 2012 with her husband and 2 children. We are very happy to have Lisa on our team because she speaks several languages ​​and knows how to convince candidates with her enthusiasm and own experience for a career in the Netherlands or Belgium. As a recruiter, she immediately recognizes the competence of the candidates and ensures that the right person is in the right place.

    What does Lisa like to do the most?
    'How can I carry out my work as efficiently as possible?' That is the question she asks herself with every new challenge, and with every new responsibility.

  • Gabriela


    Gabriela, originally from Brazil, has called Europe home since the age of 19. With a passion for HR, Gabriela does her best on everything she does. With a background in marketing, Gabriela has experience her in various international companies across the Netherlands and Belgium. She effortlessly navigates diverse cultural landscapes. Gabriela's exceptional abilities in marketing and recruiting within the medical field are driven by her unwavering enthusiasm, empathy, and commitment to personal values, propelling her towards a continuous pursuit of excellence.

    Where does Gabriela get energy from?

    The opportunity to make a meaningful impact by assisting others and executing her work with heartfelt dedication.

  • Giselle

    Relocation Consultant

    Giselle studied the French language in Utrecht. She has worked for more than 21 years at various municipalities as a civil servant and as a marriage registrar. She has an interest in languages and has therefore decided to move into the interesting and international world of Careforce. Giselle loves nature, eating out, visiting musea and shopping every now and then. Since she lives centrally in the Netherlands, these hobbies are perfect to put into practice.

    Where does Giselle get energy from?

    Being able to offer tailor-made services to dentists and medical professionals is what she likes to do. Candidates make the choice for a new life and adventure in a (new) country where most of the culture and language is still new/unknown. In order to burden these candidates as little as possible with administrative tasks, it is important that Careforce takes care of them in every possible way. From arranging the BIG registration and finding a house to achieving the right language level, Giselle loves being able to contribute to this. Especially the international and personal aspect of this position suits her very well. Moreover, the cultural outings with the candidates are of course wonderful. And the Careforce team feels like family; everyone is sweet, warm, open, and above all helpful to each other. In short, Giselle is completely in place!


  • Annemiek

    Language Coordinator

    At the age of 18, Annemiek set off into the world, starting as an au pair in Geneva and then combining her studies in international relations with working and traveling in Spain. Australia and an exchange in Russia. Annemiek has been working in an international context since 2008 and has gained experience as a recruiter, account manager and in coaching roles. Guiding people, organizing a smooth process and switching between various parties gives her energy. Annemiek has a big heart for people and keeps an eye on quality and attaches importance to an effective and efficient process.

    What gives Annemiek energy?

    Ensuring that the challenging process of learning Dutch is an experience that people look back on with pride and satisfaction. And then we see that people go to work with confidence in their new home country and do well.


  • Jelle

    ICT and Consultant

    Who can help me with this ...?" Probably Jelle, because he knows everything. An IT talent and always up-to-date with current laws and regulations. Thanks to his knowledge, our colleagues can move forward again. And procedures run smoothly. So just give Jelle a call, he’ll fix it for you!

    What drives Jelle?
    “Working behind the scenes so that others can do their job properly."

  • Karen

    Dutch Teacher

    Karen has worked as a speech therapist for 20 years. Since 2014, she has been working as a certified Dutch language (NT2) teacher. With great pleasure, she guides candidates who want to learn Dutch, so they can build a new future in the Netherlands or Belgium. Karen is creative in designing inspiring and activating lessons. Karen loves to go on long-distance walks, and in her free time, she enjoys exploring nature with her dog.

    Where does Karen get energy from?
    Karen gains energy from designing lessons with activating teaching methods, allowing candidates to enjoy learning the new language. A successful lesson is one where there's been much laughter, and the candidates leave with a smile on their faces and renewed energy to continue learning at home.

  • Morries

    Dutch Teacher

  • Maurice

    Marketing intern

    In 2020, Maurice started his studies in Commercial Economics in Nijmegen, and currently, he is completing his internship at Care-Force. He places great value on emphasizing and embodying the purpose of the company for all stakeholders. Maurice strongly believes in the added value of purpose-driven branding for every business. In his free time, he also enjoys staying active in the gym.

    Where does Maurice get energy from?

    The ability to actively contribute and influence the growth of an organization is a major source of energy for me. Additionally, the variety of tasks throughout the day gives me a lot of energy; each day brings new challenges, and no two days are the same.

  • Regina


    A streamlined organization in which every colleague feels at home. With healthy finances, fun team outings and original marketing campaigns. Regina gets it done! Her boundless energy, sense of humor, and mathematical brain are indispensable for the team.

    Where does Regina get energy from?
    “A cool exhibition stand, a smart business model that works, a personal conversation with a colleague. That makes me happy!"

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