Tatjana - Gastroenterologist from Romania

Tatjana - Gastroenterologist from Romania
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"I'm glad I took the step to work in the Netherlands"

Tatjana gastroenterologist

"I desperately wanted different living conditions for me and my family. I loved my job in Romania, but the work-life balance was disturbed completely. Therefore I've been looking on the internet to find a job opportunity abroad and that's how I met Care Force. I've been having several converstations with Hans and he helped me with my job interviews. 

I now work as a gastroenterologist in a Dutch hospital. Everything is still new and a little complicated now and then, but I really appreciate my work environment and the way that everything is settled. I love the Netherlands and even now we're facing a pandemic, we have been able to take some trips through the land."

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Tatjana - Gastroenterologist from Romania
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