Care Force comes to Bulgaria

Bulgarian doctors and dentist to the Netherlands and Belgium: Did you know that since 2014 Bulgarian citizens no longer need a work permit to start a career in medicine or dentistry? Because of that, yearly about 6000 Bulgarians start or continue their career in the Netherlands or Belgium. Many Dutch and Belgian people respect Eastern European labor migrants, because they work hard and are entrepreneurial, which make adaptation to these two countries easier. On the other side, Dutch and Belgium people also love to visit Eastern Europe mainly for the lovely climate, the variety in seasons, and of course the beautiful and rich culture.

On behalf of Care Force, Hans Klaassen (account manager for the medical department) is going to Sofia. Hans has been to a lot of Eastern European countries before, but never to Bulgaria. During the last 11 years Hans found jobs for European medical specialists who wanted to pursue new goals in their career. As he also has a background in tourism, he knows how to compare the different cultures and healthcare systems. Hans is able to inform you about the career opportunities in the Netherlands and Belgium and can address your personal questions and tell you about your benefits. He also knows what vacancies and chances there are in healthcare and dentistry. Hans knows a lot about the different locations, cultures, housing and habits in both countries. We invite you to come and meet Hans in person on the 12th of October and talk about your career opportunities in the Netherlands or Belgium. Please feel free to come and visit him or make an appointment to get fully informed and taste some Dutch stroopwafels and drop.

Hotel Grand Sofia
ul. General Yosif V. Gourko 1
11:00 - 17:00

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Care Force comes to Bulgaria
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