Care Force comes to Cluj Napoca on March 22nd

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Dentists and doctors from Romania are much appreciated for their ambitious mindset and devotion. Because of their sublime motivation and commitment practices and hospitals are welcoming Romanian dentists and doctors with open arms. Romania is one of the most popular countries for Dutch and Belgian practices as well as hospitals as many foreign candidates currently working in the Netherlands and Belgium are Romanian.

The Care Force staff has travelled through Europe numerous times to find and meet foreign dentists and doctors. Now, after years of successful visits to Romania, Care Force will send Timo Hiemstra, recruiting account manager there. Timo has visited Romania (Bucharest and Iasi) before and is fond of the Romanian candidates he successfully found a job in Belgium and the Netherlands. Therefore he sees great potential in the Romanian dentists and doctors. Timo will gladly tell you everything about the fantastic way of life in the Netherlands and Belgium. He is more than willing to help you with your questions and tell you all about the advantages of you working there. Furthermore, he can tell you everything about ‘what to do’ so you can start your career as a dentist or doctor in the Netherlands or Belgium.

Are you considering a career abroad? Meet Timo in person as he will visit Cluj Napoca on the 22nd of March. We would like to invite you this day to visit the ExpoMedics Job fair at the Hotel Grand Napoca (Strada Octavian Goga 1, 400698) to talk about the possibilities of you pursuing your future career as a dentist, nurse or (specialist-)doctor in the Netherlands or Belgium.

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Care Force comes to Cluj Napoca on March 22nd
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