Care Force comes to Lithuania

Care Force is visiting Vilnius this weekend The Lithuanian medical specialists seems to blend in very good in Belgium and the Netherlands. Because of their great motivation and enthusiasm we are looking forward to meet more Lithuanian medical specialists and dentists. The staff of Care Force is frequently traveling through Europe to recruit medical specialists and dentists. This weekend they are going to visit Vilnius in Lithuania. After successfully placing doctors and dentist from Lithuania we also see that there is a match between The Netherlands, Belgium and Lithuania.

Our medical recruiter Hans Klaassen is going to visit Vilnius on behalf of Care Force this year at the 1sth of December. Hans has been working with the company for more than 11 years now. He likes to work in the field of international recruitment; working with various and nationalities appeals to him. As most of the staff at Care Force, he likes to travel the globe and can easily connect with the different cultures. Besides working at the job event, he is also looking forward to come to Vilnius again. He really likes the vibe and atmosphere in the city centre of Vilnius. During the job event Hans is available to inform you in detail about the  job opportunities in the Netherlands and Belgium.  He knows what kind of posts currently are available and can help you to decide which vacancies would suit your needs. You are more than welcome to meet Hans in Vilnius to talk about the career opportunities for doctors and dentist. We invite you to make an appointment or just come by.

Hotel Novotel Vilnius
Date: 01-12-2019
Time: 11:00-17:00
Gedimino pr. 16, Vilnius

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Care Force comes to Lithuania
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