How do the Dutch communicate at work?

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How do the Dutch communicate at work?


Dutch people are known for their directness, just like Americans, according to the experiences of many international individuals. The origin of this Dutch directness is believed to lie in the country's history of trade. Dutch merchants developed the habit of saying exactly what they meant when dealing with people from different cultures, in order to prevent misunderstandings arising from cultural differences. The pragmatic nature of the Dutch also plays a role in their directness: being direct leads to quick clarity. This can be very useful and efficient. Or is it?


In many countries, certain matters are left unsaid or expressed in a much more subtle or ambiguous manner. Even in neighboring Belgium, where they speak the same language, they approach everything with more caution. This directness can be perceived as overly direct and come across as blunt, rude, or simply unkind to those who are not accustomed to it. This can hinder constructive collaboration. It is therefore important to be aware of how Dutch colleagues communicate with each other, how your communication style may be perceived by them, and what impact it may have on your collaboration.


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How do the Dutch communicate at work?
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