How much time does it take to learn Dutch?

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To be able to work as a foreign medical professional in the Netherlands, you are required to have a proficiency level of Dutch at B2+ to be registered in the BIG register. In this article, we will provide you with more insight on the time investment required to achieve this level of proficiency.

The number of hours required to learn Dutch from A0 to B2 level varies per person and depends on various factors, such as motivation, proficiency in other languages, and learning style. However, it is generally assumed that it takes approximately 600 to 800 hours to learn Dutch at B2 level.

If we divide this into different levels, it is assumed that it takes:

  • around 120 hours to learn Dutch at A1 level;
  • around 200 hours to learn Dutch at A2 level;
  • around 300 hours to learn Dutch at B1 level;
  • around 180 to 280 hours to learn Dutch at B2+ level.

These are just guidelines and the number of required hours may vary depending on factors such as age, experience with language learning, how often and regularly you practice, and the quality of the materials and lessons used.

It is important to remember that learning a language is a process that requires time and consistency, and that it is important to set realistic goals and regularly evaluate and adjust your learning process as needed

How much time does it take to learn Dutch?
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