Hi, my name is Maaike

"Now I can help people start up a job in a new country"


"When I was 19, I moved from the Netherlands to Spain to work as au pair and learn the language. I experienced what it is like to make a beginning in a new country by yourself, and how welcome you feel when someone helps you getting started.

This week I began working at Care Force. Now I can help people start up a job in a new country … How great is that!

I have been working for different companies and organizations in the role of operational manager. I like to explore what moves and motivates people through genuine interest and personal attention. Planning and organizing gives me energy.

In my spare time I like to exercise in my favorite gym, go for a walk, go out for dinner and spend time with family and friends.

I am looking forward to working together with dedicated colleagues in the sparkling environment of Care Force!"


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Hi, my name is Maaike
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