I have taken the language exam... What's next?

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Dutch Language Test at the B2+ level

After 18 weeks of intensive language training, if you have successfully completed all the interim exams, you can take the Dutch Language Test at the B2+ level. This is an exciting moment that you have been working towards all this time. A few days after your exam, you will receive the results. What options are available and what comes next from that moment?

Congratulations! You have passed the B2+ language test!

The next step is finalizing the BIG registration. If all the required documents for the BIG registration are complete and in order, the only thing missing in your file is the language certificate. Our consultants will ensure that the certificate is added to your file. It takes approximately 3 weeks for your BIG registration to be processed. During this period, we will assist you in finding suitable accommodation, registering with the municipality, opening a bank account, and arranging insurance. Once you are assigned a BIG number, you can work as an independent (dental) practitioner. Your adventure in a new country is truly beginning!

You have failed one or both components

If you did not pass the exam (or one component) on your first attempt, you will need to take additional language lessons tailored to your specific needs and then retake the exam. The language teacher will assess how many lessons are required to address the feedback points and create a customized program for you. This means that you will start working a bit later. Some clients may offer the possibility to start working part-time under supervision while actively working on improving your proficiency in the Dutch language.

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 I have taken the language exam... What's next?
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