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Hans and Care Force

“We put human beings first. Always”

So says Hans Klaassen, a familiar face to many candidates and clients. As our account manager, he is responsible for matching high-quality healthcare organizations with ambitious foreign medical professionals. “When you can really level with candidates, you increase the chances of success.”

What appealed to you most about Care Force? “Initially, the international business model. Clients are in the Netherlands and Belgium, but candidates are from all over the world. They could be from anywhere. That’s what I love most. Traveling is in my blood. I have always been attracted to different cultures, different viewpoints, and different goals. It’s very exciting to me.”

What is it you do exactly at Care Force? “I work as an account manager. I no longer do initial screenings, but focus on the second and final interview, which are the truly important ones. I discuss vacancies with candidates and check to see if there is a match. Based on these conversations, I create and present profiles to clients. If there seems to be a good fit, then we’ll schedule an additional, real life, interview in which I provide translation support. If that goes well, a follow-up day is organized. This allows the candidate to be introduced to his or her new work environment and colleagues. After careful evaluation, we’ll finalize requirements and draw up contracts.”

"We invest in long term relationships and in high quality recruitment"

Before integration, candidates must pass a difficult language course. “Yes, that’s a big challenge as well and the most common dealbreaker. You might think: once you close the deal, the job is done. But it’s just getting started. I have to ensure that candidates go through all the online coursework, reach goals, and finish the program. Many factors may cause failure, such as homesickness, a bad experience with a teacher or the inability to hook up with others. “If you want to work in healthcare in the Netherlands or Belgium, you need a BIG registration. And to get one, you must pass a language course. While that normally takes a year, we do it in just 25 weeks. That’s an ambitious goal. So, it’s not just about medical skills. It’s also about perseverance, drive, and determination.”

Clients have to wait 6 months before they get to know their new employee. Isn’t that a stumbling block? “Not at all. We provide organizations with a unique solution to address their shortage. Our clients have repeatedly tried to find local specialists. They just cannot be found. In that context a 6-month wait is way better than not having a new dentist or surgeon at all.”

How does Care Force rise above ordinary recruitment agencies? “We put human beings first. Always. As we relocate people, we pay attention to details and take the time necessary to meet the needs of both client organizations and candidates. We invest in long term relationships and in high quality recruitment. We listen carefully, deep dive into individual needs and write comprehensive profiles. We are determined to add value in a multicultural market, so we have formed a team that reflects this. When you can level with candidates, you increase the chances of success.”

"Great working conditions are enhanced by a very high quality of life"

Back to your candidates. How do you encourage them to live and work in the Netherlands or Belgium? “That’s easy. Healthcare is at the highest level. Everyone has equal care, there’s no hierarchy. That’s an excellent starting point for doctors. You can focus on your specialty. But there is more. You work with a multidisciplinary team of nurses and other specialists. There is clear communication and effective reporting. Your salary is excellent, you have a collective labor agreement, generous holidays, and plenty of time for study and research. “Great working conditions are enhanced by a very high quality of life. The culture is openminded, there is world-class free education and day-care for children, and there are many expat associations. Wherever you end up, you’ll meet a lot of like-minded foreign professionals.”

What aspect of your job satisfies you most? “To work with this well-educated profession. The people I meet are all very intelligent and have wide interests. Martial arts, playing golf, art. We enjoy talking about topics other than those related to the job. Besides, most of our candidates have a great sense of humor and feel the urge to ask serious questions. They do really appreciate our efforts on their behalf. They don’t just see you as the guy who arranges things. It’s more than that. We form a meaningful and valuable relationship.”

“We put human beings first. Always”
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