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Psychiatrist in a specialized psychiatric institution in the province of Limburg

Psychiatrist in a specialized psychiatric institution in the province of Limburg

Psychiatrist | Limburg, The Netherlands


Looking at people with serious psychiatric complaints without prejudice. Make someone really feel the ability to talk about their problems. This institution simply wants things to be different in mental health care, based on the vision that person-oriented care increases the chance of recovery. As an employee within the psychiatric institution, you can make a difference. Not only for the clients, but also for the team you work with. Giving meaning, contributing to society, and helping real people move forward.

What are you going to do?

Within the institution, they have a number of clinical admission departments, a Crisis Intensive Treatment Unit (CIBU), and Intensive Home Treatment (IHT). At the Clinical Detox, clients come in with the intention of kicking the habit of the substance they are addicted to. They are admitted on a voluntary basis for a period of at least one to a maximum of nine weeks.

Clients aged between 18 and 65 are admitted to Kliniek Adults. Admission takes place when an acute psychiatric problem arises that can no longer be treated at home. Admission and treatment take place in the clinic; usually with an average duration of 19 days. There is also an elderly ward, which provides care to clients of at least 65 years old who are placed in the context of a crisis intervention. Most often there is depression, manic, and/or psychotic disorder. In addition, there is a closed ward where clients are mainly treated and nursed in a forced framework. Clients are admitted when there is an acute psychological problem that cannot be treated at home, or can become too great a danger to the individual or their environment. Finally, there is a department that offers help to people with psychiatric problems who are or are at risk of falling into a crisis. The aim is to prevent and shorten crisis and admission to a psychiatric hospital.

Which just makes your job different

Your goal is to replace the best achievable psychiatric care. As a practitioner, you are responsible for clients with psychiatric (multi) problems. Here they attach great importance to the decision-making power of the employees. In practice, this means that you as a coordinating practitioner have a lot of say in making decisions.

You have a pivotal role in the team and you are responsible for the treatment policy and its quality. Together with the treatment team, you draw up care plans, implement them and evaluate them. Your knowledge, skills, and person may be very valuable. You conducted interim research and provide information about the treatment of clients and those involved. You will also focus on various core tasks, including: coordinating treatment, pharmacotherapy, MDO participation, care coordination, and participation in the swimming pool crisis service.

Within this organization, there is room for your ambitions. For example, there is the possibility to participate in education, training, and research. But also with regard to your own growth and development as a professional, we offer various possibilities as a training statute.


Vacancy NR: CAR202004034
  • Good communication skills
  • Indepent
  • Flexible
  • Teamplayer

This is you

  • As a registered psychiatrist, you have completed the university program in Medicine and the specialization course for psychiatry
  • You are a starter or have some work experience
  • You are able to work in a team
  • Your persuasiveness, reflective ability and professional leadership will help you to successfully fulfill your position as a specialist
  • You dare to think outside the box. But just as important is that you have a heart for the clients. With your passion and expertise you make the difference
  • Your communication skills and positive attitude make you an excellent connector

Reasons for choosing this job

  • Salary up to €9,800 gross per month.
  • Full-time position with 36 hours per week
  • 30% tax benefit for a period of 5 years
  • Flexible working hours 
  • Two-year contract with the possibility of permanent employment
  • Excellent work-life balance 
  • A collegial working atmosphere that encourages collaboration and teamwork
  • Join a dynamic and multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals
  • Covered by a collective labor agreement that provides job security and fair working condition

Candidates who choose Care Force

  • Have a dream to live and work in a well-developed country
  • Have an EU/EEA passport, and an EU/EEA Family Doctor Diploma
  • Master the English language
  • Are eager to learn the Dutch language through our own Language Academy
  • Are willing to relocate to Belgium, in the Flemish territory in the foreseeable future

Apply via Care Force and

  • Find your dream job abroad
  • Learn Dutch through the Care Force Language Academy
  • We guide you during the application process
  • We ensure a worry-free mediation process
  • We help you find suitable accommodation
  • We take care of all documents and bureaucratic formalities such as diploma recognition, banking, insurance, and registrations


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Psychiatrist in a specialized psychiatric institution in the province of Limburg
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Psychiatrist in a specialized psychiatric institution in the province of Limburg
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