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A better life in the Netherlands

Looking to build a successful career as a physician abroad and live a prosperous life with more free time and higher pay? The Netherlands can be the perfect destination for you! However, making this major decision requires giving up a lot of your current life in exchange for a new future. At Care Force, we understand this and have complete faith in you.

As a medical doctor, you can expect excellent remuneration and diverse training opportunities in the Netherlands, given the shortage of qualified medical professionals. With our expertise and network, we can help you find your desired job abroad and support you throughout the process. Choose Care Force for a brighter future in the medical field!

Medical doctor job vacancies

About Care Force

The Netherlands is currently facing a shortage of healthcare personnel, especially medical doctors. At Care Force, we are dedicated to addressing this issue and we need licensed medical practitioners like you to join us in this mission.

We understand that the process of relocating and starting a new job can be stressful, especially when it comes to challenging procedures and bothersome administrative tasks. That's why we take care of the entire procedure for you, from the initial consultation to your first day of work. We handle all paperwork and administrative requirements, leaving you free to focus on your passion for practicing medicine.

Our goal is to help you achieve your desire for a fulfilling career in a reputable healthcare system and a better life for you and your family. We understand that moving to a new country can be daunting, which is why we work to make the Netherlands feel like home for you. We take care of all incidental issues, from contract negotiations and housing to banking, insurance, and registrations. We will work together to find your ideal position as a doctor, ensuring that you have the support you need to thrive in your new home.

How do you find a job as a medical doctor in the Netherlands?

At Care Force, we have the expertise and vast experience to advise and guide you in starting your professional life abroad as a medical doctor. We understand that the process of relocating and finding a new job can be overwhelming, which is why we are here to walk you through the entire process step by step.

From the initial instructive phone contact to the final thorough check to ensure your satisfaction with your new position, we are with you every step of the way. Together, we complete the application process, arrange administrative and organizational details, and assist you with housing and language instruction. We will connect you with organizations, institutions, and clinics where you can practice medicine in a country with a modern and efficient healthcare system.

In the Netherlands, you can find the perfect balance between work and personal life, enabling you to take your medical career to new heights. We believe in making your dream for a better life for you and your children, and a career in a highly regarded healthcare system, a reality. Let Care Force be your guide in making this life-changing decision.


Care Force gets you started!

At Care Force, we understand that making the decision to work abroad as a medical doctor can be a daunting task. That's why we are here to guide you every step of the way. We provide comprehensive support, from the first informative phone call to the final thorough check to ensure your satisfaction with your new job.

Together, we will complete the application process, organize all administrative and organizational matters, and assist you with language training and finding housing. We take pride in offering a personalized approach to each individual, ensuring that your unique needs and requirements are met throughout the process.

To take the first step towards a brighter future as a medical doctor in the Netherlands, simply register with us via our registration form. Our dedicated recruiters will contact you to discuss your options and help you get started on this exciting new journey.

We're here for you!

Do you want to start working in the Netherlands or Belgium, or would you like to meet with us for personalized information and advice? Contact us now!

Working as a medical doctor in the Netherlands
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